Introducing the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

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Earlier this week, Lamborghini introduced the successor to the Gallardo, the Huracan LP 610-4! This monster is powered by a powerful V10 engine putting out 610 all wheel drive horsepower and 413 pounds of torque. To get you through the gears, the Huracan has been equipped with a seven speed dual clutch, which means you a fast, smooth shift. 0-60 numbers are estimated to be right at 3.2 seconds, and 9.9 seconds to reach its top speed of 201mph! No word on if there will be a manual transmission option, so although there is a chance, it is unlikely.

Much of the styling cues were borrowed from Lamborghini’s flagship car, the Aventador. The front bumper has a sleek stealthly look to it that gives it a menacing look. The car offers plenty of venting, giving it a similar look to the Murcielago. Although the Huracan is not as wide as the Aventador, it still has that jet-fighter look to it. We would love to see one of these cars roll up in our rear view mirror! Another amazing part of the design, is the chassis; it is made from a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum, and only weighs 3,155 pounds! Like the Gallardo, the Hurcan and Audi R8 will be sharing the same chassis.

Lamborghini is already taking pre-orders, and the first cars are expected to be delivered in the Spring of 2015. Before then, Lamborghini plans on showing the car in over 60 cities around the world.

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